How do I find a suitable team for portrait photography?

Portrait with "golden hour effect"
Portrait with "golden hour effect"

If you want to set yourself up professionally, it can make sense to expand your services as a photographer with a team. as a photographer by a team.

I have chosen to work with additional expertise so that I can focus all the better on my photographic portrait work. Here I speak from my own experience and can confirm that the more tasks I hand off, the easier it is for me to focus on my clients. I can build a better relationship with them during the shoot.

In addition, having makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists also makes my retouching work easier. Many small details such as small hairs, clothing wrinkles or make-up stains, which are already corrected during the shoot, allow me to save a lot of time and cumbersome tedious work in retouching. But also the contribution of my colleagues to a feel-good atmosphere lead in sum to the authentic images that I want as a photographer for my customers.

But how and where do I find the right partners? And how do I recognize that they are suitable for long-term work? Here the keyword "networking" is appropriate, and on the channels on which you already move anyway, whether online or offline. I found my team through Instagram and ads on In the beginning, I organized free shoots and tested out the collaboration with potential colleagues there.

For a good collaboration, from my point of view, the style and also the same values should be there as well as the same demand on their own work. But the thing I rely on most when making a decision is actually my gut feeling. When I notice that the cooperation on set simply goes hand in hand and that everyone gets along well with each other and that they don't take each other too seriously, the right partners come along all by themselves.

From the point of view of my customers, this means that they can put themselves in professional hands without any worries. My team and I are so well-rehearsed in our working methods that everything goes off without a hitch. You might underestimate it, but being pampered on set, being able to sit back and relax, and knowing that you're being styled the way you want to be makes a huge difference to how you feel in front of the camera. And that feeling also reinforces being authentic in front of my lens. As I mentioned in the beginning, it's the little details that lead to creating a natural and beautiful portrait.