How can I recognize a good portrait photographer?

A beautiful and authentic portrait, which you like yourself, is not made just like that. That's why I think it's important to think about finding the right photographer for you. But how can I tell if the photographer is right for me? How do I know if this person works professionally? And how can I tell that the shooting will be professional with this person? As banal and as simple as it sounds, first take a look at the photographer's current work and feel inside yourself whether you like the photos you see there at first glance. I chose the word "feel" very deliberately here, because a portrait conveys so much more than just a visually aesthetic image. Of course, first of all, you should like the style well and the photos should suit your taste. In addition, answer the following questions: Is there a common stylistic thread running through the photographs? Is there a recognizable feature? For example, is there always a certain lighting style, color style or personal style in the portfolio? This can also give you a good first impression of whether he or she fits you as a portrait photographer.

However, a professionally shot portrait conveys so much more than just the visually captured moment of a person. An authentic portrait can tell a story about the person portrayed. A portrait can bring out feelings in you, whether those feelings are beautiful or sad. The energy and work of a photographer lies not only in the perceptible visibility of the image, but above all in the personal work and relationship of the photographer to the person portrayed. Authentic portraits are created when the relationship between the person standing behind the camera and the person standing in front of the camera is relaxed and trusting. Because in a portrait, you open yourself up as the person being portrayed. You stand there virtually "undressed" with all eyes on you. Is the smile in the eyes genuine? Is the sadness in the corners of your mouth true sadness? All this opens up only when you trust the photographer. If you can feel comfortable and let go, the most beautiful moments can be captured here. And in my opinion, this is only possible if the photographer can actually convey an appropriate atmosphere in the photo shoot.

In summary, the technique and style are only one side of the coin. The chemistry between you must be just as right, and you can usually only find that out in the first personal meeting. Approach the photographer, pay a visit to the studio or call and get some advice. In the first conversation you will quickly find out whether a relaxed and trusting relationship is possible. For the shooting itself, the photographer should plan plenty of time - at least 2 hours. Because nothing is worse for beautiful and authentic portrait photography than time pressure and stress. As an experienced portrait photographer, it is therefore so important for me to get to know you, to create a shooting for you where you can feel comfortable and where you can be sure that an authentic portrait will come out of the photo shoot that you will enjoy looking at and enjoying for years to come. So if you want to know if I could fit you, feel invited to be advised by me and get to know me and my team.