Gratitude, confidence and mental strength as a photographer in Corona times

Jill Abanico im Home-Fotostudio
In my home studio

Gratitude, confidence and mental strength as a photographer in Corona times.

Before all the craziness started with Corona, I was full of drive, motivation and confidence that I could continue to build everything step by step with my photography. I already had a client base in the event industry on the side and got a job as a journalistic photographer on the side.

Then came the pandemic, and for me, piece by piece, the foundation I had built up crumbled away. At the beginning, I still felt quite safe because I was allowed to continue working here and there despite the restrictions. But I also had to deal with postponements and cancellations. In the end, the result for me was helplessness and anxiety. How should I pay my bills? How can I land new jobs?

Corona, as if by a magnifying glass effect, amplified and brought to light everything that was already inside us - so much for toilet paper, Corona demos and the yeast emergency - Germany, what was going on? But things that built and strengthened my stamina during this time were daily meditation, my morning routine, self-reflection, and the regular exchanges with my husband and colleagues that kept me motivated. This time was a roller coaster of emotions, however, gratitude was one of the feelings I actually felt stronger than ever.

After sorting through all the chaos inside and around me, I was constantly looking at how I could solve my own problems. I kept thinking to myself what would be the worst thing that could happen to me and fortunately that never happened. Ultimately also because I focused on the things that really mattered and that brought me joy.

Fortunately, the conditions in my self-employment were such that I was able to access the first Corona assistance. This was also one of the moments when I felt enormous gratitude. With this financial support, I was able to use the time to continue my education in portrait photography, to further develop my skills in lighting and retouching, and I invested even more in my business and set up a home studio.

External unpleasant circumstances don't force anyone to change. You either choose to wallow in your problems or actively seek solutions on your own. For me, only the latter was an option, because I enjoy the feeling of independence that comes with being self-employed. I just love telling stories in pictures with all my heart! For that, I worked too long in a job that made me unhappy and was unhappy with my life for far too long to want to give that up now because of circumstances. They do say that you can only develop outside your comfort zone and this time a lot of us were pushed out of there.

The second lockdown was obviously not easier. Like many of us, I've gotten used to the situation, but even so, I still don't have nearly as many jobs and assignments as I did before the pandemic. However, through mental, regular training, I am more confident than ever that I will manage to sustain, push and grow my business in a way that it will come out of the whole act significantly stronger.

Hang in there, take care of yourself, and stay healthy!